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Dog tuff grass (Cynodon  ‘PWIN04S’) is a fabulous xeric alternative lawn grass for high traffic areas, and is named for its exceptional durability in yards with dogs.

This Cynodon selection (Cynodon ‘PWIN04S’) is derived from African grasses similar to American buffalo grass but holds up better to wear and tear. It is a sterile hybrid so it can’t reseed into the wild environment and become an invasive weed (although it could get into your neighbor’s yard via runners!

Dog Tuff ™ is:
• VERY drought tolerant
• VERY resistant to dog urine
• LOVES full, hot sun
• GROWS happily on dry slopes
• DOESN’T wear thin in the winter like buffalo grass
• RECOVERS from excessive foot traffic quickly
• HONEYBEES love the pollen

Dog Tuff ™ is:
• Not tolerant of shade
• Not tolerant of weed killers like 2,4-D or glyphosate
• Not green until early June (in the Colorado Front Range)
• Not green after October 1st (in the Colorado Front Range)
• Not useful in USDA zones colder than zone 5

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