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Help the Durango Botanic Gardens’ Complete the… 

Thanks to over 150 individual donors and the city of Durango, we are nearly at our goal of $125,000 needed to build our next public garden--the Literary Garden.

We are so close! Please consider a donation and help us complete this stunning addition to our community and library!

Work on the Literary Garden began August 16, 2021. We have contoured the surface for optimum water flow, established a new, water-efficient irrigation system, and put down flagstone walkways.  We also began some planting in the Indigenous garden and will resume planting in the spring of 2022. Each planting bed (a small garden really) will consist of plants well suited to local growing conditions while also demonstrating how nature, gardens, and plants have inspired many of our favorite authors and works of literature. 

Planting beds will feature labeled plants, paths that permit exploration, small patios for relaxation and contemplation, and information about the connection between nature and a different genre of literature and storytelling--Indigenous peoples, Southwest, Contemporary, Latinx, Classical, and Youth. 

In the spring/summer of 2022, we intend to essentially finish the garden although some difficult-to-find plants may not be installed until later next year or even in 2023.  Benches, trellises, a sun-shade canopy will be added through grants and donations.

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Artist Nia Sturr's conception of how the Literary Garden will permit sociality, enjoyment as well as horticultural and literary education. Click or touch to expand.

The Literary Garden is the perfect harmony between gardens and the library collection. The Gardens will focus on traditionally under-represented communities as well as authors from diverse backgrounds for all ages, spanning from classic to contemporary works. As the Durango Public Library strives to nourish and grow a diverse collection, we will be able to highlight these incredible authors through the connection to the Literary Garden.

Sandy Irwin, Former Director, Durango Public Library

The mission of the Durango Botanic Gardens is to demonstrate best practices in plant selection and gardening technique and to expand the horticultural palate of local gardeners, introducing them to new plants that can add variety to their gardens and landscaping.  We are also intent to demonstrate and advance water-wise gardening and water-harvesting and retention, a critical feature in gardening in the southwest as we experience a drier, changing climate. We also believe this new garden will offer our community a special place for relaxation and reflection. The Literary Garden seeks to build community, add to the quality of life in the North Main Neighborhood District.

The Durango Botanic Gardens has been building public gardens around the library since 2011, beginning with the award-winning Demonstration Garden behind the library. Since then we have added numerous gardens designed to demonstrate best garden practices, enhance horticultural education and inspire our community to build beautiful, sustainable gardens.

The Durango Botanic Gardens is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit with no paid-staff and with most board members contributing their own funds for plants, mulch, and other garden needs.  All of our gardens are free and open to the public.

Contributors to this major public garden project will be recognized at our website, in our library bookcase and in a special dedicatory souvenir book according to their donation level.

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Durango Botanic Gardens

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The Durango Botanic Gardens are physically located at the Durango Public Library, to the north and east of the library.  The library is located at 1900 E. 3rd Ave., Durango.

There is no admission charge.  Stroll the gardens yourself (there is ample signage in most gardens) or call us at 970-880-4841 to arrange a group tour. See our Information Tab for more.

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10 Town Plaza, #460
Durango, CO  81301    

Phone:  970-880-4841

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