Durango BOtanic Gardens

Building Public Gardens Committed to Demonstration and Education

Meet John Anderson, DBS President

John Anderson, at the left, receives a City of Durango award for enhancing the urban landscape from Greg Sykes, city arborist. 

My wife, Theresa, and I moved from Michigan to Durango in August of 2011, and established a western office of our logistics consulting business.  I have an MBA from Michigan State and managed the operations and marketing functions of our logistics company for many years. 

We were lucky to see a local notice about a Durango Botanical Society botanical tour to Mesa Verde and thought that would be an excellent thing to do, and perhaps to meet people who shared our interest in plants

Early in 2013 we joined the Durango Botanical Society so that we could participate in the creation and development of wonderful gardens in and around Durango, CO.  I completed the 2015 Master Gardener program from Colorado State University. 

I was invited to become a member of the DBS Board of Directors in 2013, and I was happy to volunteer to be the Treasurer of DBS.   I am pleased to become the new President of Durango Botanical Society and look forward to the creation and development of additional new public gardens in Durango.  

   John and Theresa Anderson bring many talents to our

   board but perhaps the most unique is their penchant for

   creating really scary scarecrows. Together, they have won

   the Durango Nursery Scarecrow Contest twice. Shown

   here is their 2017 winner, "Edward Scissorhands."

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