Durango BOtanic Gardens

Building Public Gardens For Demonstration, Education, and Inspiration

Volunteer, It's Fun and You Learn!

The Durango Botanic Gardens would not exist without its dedicated volunteers; they're the backbone of our gardens. Spending a Saturday morning* in our gardens doing maintenance work may not sound like the most exciting way to kick off your weekend but most of volunteers love it. It's great exercise and an opportunity to pick up some tips about gardening from fellow gardeners. If you love being outdoors and working in gardens, please consider volunteering.

*Due to Covid-19 restrictions and social distancing requirements we have temporarily implemented a worksheet signup that permits volunteers to work independently through the week, not just Saturday mornings. We urge all volunteers to adhere to city and health authority recommendations. For more on volunteering and signing up on our worksheet, please email us at durangobotanic@gmail.com, or or call us at 970-880-4841.

Even if you're not a member but just want to learn more about our plants, get some tips from our horticulturalists and master gardeners, stop by.  The more hands the better. Bring gloves, water, hats, sun screen, and a few tools if you have them, otherwise we usually have some extra.  Mostly, we just need YOU!

   Observing our DBG volunteers at work in the gardens,      one passerby, remarked: "I know it's springtime when I    see you folks working in the gardens." Volunteering to      do maintenance in the DBG gardens is the cornerstone    to our success.

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