Durango BOtanic Gardens

Building Public Gardens Committed to Demonstration and Education

2019 Garden Maintenance Calendar

April & May, 9:00am - 11:00am

June-September, 8:00am - 10:00am

Our growing gardens could quickly veer out of control were it not for the many members who come out Saturday mornings in the spring and summer to help maintain our gardens.  It's a great to meet new folks and reconnect with friends who also enjoy being outdoors and working in gardens.  If you are a new Master Gardener, this time will also help meet your volunteer requirements.  Want to join us? Bring some work gloves, any tools you like to use, a hat, sunglasses, and water.  There's no required time, most volunteers will work an hour or two but set your own schedule.  Really, it is a lot of fun and good exercise!  You'll find us usually in the Demonstration Garden behind the library. For more information, contact us at durangobotanical@gmail.com or phone us at 970-880-4841 for the latest information on working in the gardens. Come, join us!

Free Garden Tours

During garden maintenance we would be pleased to give new or non-members a free garden tour.  A docent is always on duty specifically to show you around, explain our programs, etc.  Coming Soon: A new mobile app that will enable you to take a self-guided tour when docents are not available.


Most Saturday mornings in the spring through early fall               Above, docent-on-duty, Bett Clark, gives a passerby a tour of

DBS volunteers spread out over the gardens to weed,                   the gardens. Education is central to the DBS mission.

prune, plant, water, and a host of other chores. But they

call it fun!

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