Durango Botanic Gardens a 2016 project will consist of a Literary Garden, a Zen Garden, a Children's Garden and a newly renovated amphitheater.

Durango BOtanic Gardens

Building Public Gardens Committed to Inspiration, Demonstration and Education

The Durango Botanic Gardens are located behind the Durango Public Library at 1900 E. 3rd Ave.
Our gardens are developed, funded, and maintained by the Durango Botanical Society.

In the Beginning, There Was a Garden...

The first major project for the Durango Botanical Society, founded in 2010, was the Demonstration Garden, located immediately behind the Durango Public Library and along the popular River Trail. This garden was designed and built not only as our first major public garden but also to beautify a formerly barren area that just seemed out of sync with our beautiful, contemporary design library built in 2008-2009. The Demonstration Garden was completed 2014. That first garden has also achieved our mission of revealing to Durango gardeners and landscapers the kinds of trees and plants best suited to our area.  

Following the unveiling of the Demonstration Garden in 2014, we envisioned, designed, and built additional gardens such as the Crevice Gardens Along the Trail and Gabbro Miniature Conifer Garden, both completed in 2016.  Many of these plants were donated by Denver Botanic Gardens and are very rare.  

More recently, In 2017 DBS developed plans for the Arboreta Gardens, described in more detail below.  The launch of these gardens was celebrated in September of 2018 and are expected to be completed in 2019-2020. The new gardens are located on the north side of the Durango Public Library. We have partnered with the Colorado Garden Foundation, the Library, the City of Durango, the Parks and Recreation Department(the Arbor Division) to expand upon the Tree City USA status that the city now holds. We will be planting trees and shrubs that will not only do well in the area, but also offer visual excitement and diversity to local yardscapes. 

Below is a new, comprehensive map of our Durango Botanic Gardens, created by Lisa Bourey, owner of Passion Flower Farm. 

Our Newest Arboreta: The Arboretum and

Miniature Tree Garden

The Arboreta

More to Come: Envisioning the Future of our Public Gardens

Below are additional visions of public gardens, The Zen Garden, reflecting the importance of mindfulness in our community and the The Literary Garden, a reflection of the importance of the Durango Public Library in our community's life. We hope to develop these as additional funds are raised.

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