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2018 Docents' Choice Plant of the Year: Hopflower Oregano

   Photos from Plant Select®

The Hopflower Oregano, Origanum libanoticum, is a Plant Select® introduction from 2004. Although native to the Mediterranean region, it is perfectly suited to our climate.  The plant has fragrant foliage with lime to chartreuse bracts which dangle from arching airy stems.  The bracts are embellished with a lavender flower in mid- to late summer.  A low-growing spreader, it looks great trailing over rocks or over a wall. Once established, it needs only occasional water.  It tolerates poor soil as long as it is well drained and is drought tolerant once established.  It is deer resistant as well.  It does best in full sun and is hardy from Zone 4 – 8.  A low-maintenance plant, it requires only that spent flowers and stems be cut back in the spring.

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