Durango BOtanic Gardens

"Building Public Gardens for Beauty, Demonstration, and Education"

The Durango Botanic Gardens are located around the Durango Public Library, 1900 East Third Avenue, Durango, CO

Durango Botanic Gardens: Open for Business, Inspiration

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Try our mobile app for a self-guided tour of the Durango Botanic Gardens. There is currently no icon associated with the application but go to dubg.oncell.com or scan the QR symbol and give it a test run.

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Although the majority of our events have been cancelled for 2020--at least until further notice--our gardens are always in session! Every week something new is in bloom, so visit often, keeping a safe distance, and renew your spirits. NATURE IS RESILIENT, SO ARE WE! 

Spring Parade of Color, Bulbs From Local Gardens

A bee (the endangered native Hunt's bumblebee) rummages amid a Crocus vemus, Dutch crocus or 'Flower Record.' Bees are particularly attracted to purple. (Mike Smedley)
Mount Hood daffodil fails to socially distance from his yellow cousins. (Carol Wallace)
Muscari paradoxum is known by many common names--grape hyacinth, bluebelles, bluebonnets, etc.--although it is not to be confused with hyacinths. Naturalize readily in well-drained soil and full to partial sunlight. (Carol Wallace)
Yellow Daffodils, Camelot (Carol Wallace)
Tulipa Preaestans or 'Fusilier', typically the first red blooming tulip of the season (Mike Smedley)
'Narcissus willkommii,' although a garden stunner is one of smallest daffodils in horticulture, also quite xeric. (Mike Smedley)
Painted Lady butterfly nestles in the cheery yellow blooms of the 'Draba rigida'
'Persian Pearl' tulips, great early spring plants as their blooms catch, magnify the low sky light. (Mike Smedley)
'Crocus vemus,' Dutch or Pickwick crocus, purchased at the 2019 DBS Bulb Sale. (Mike Smedley)
Siberian squills or 'Scilla siberica'. Woodland naturalizers that naturalize from seed. Great for under deciduous trees. (Mike Smedley)

The Durango Botanical Society is a member of the American Public Gardens. Click the logo above to link to their website and learn what other public gardens around the country are doing to make public gardens essential parts of their community's experience of nature and horticulture.

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10 Town Plaza, #460                                                                         

Durango, CO  81301                                                                                                               

Phone:  970-880-4841


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