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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Durango Botanic Gardens are serious about protecting our visitors and our volunteers.  Accordingly, while we are still conducting outdoor tours, we practice seriously safe social distancing and the wearing of masks.  If you or your organization would like a tour of the Durango Botanic Gardens, call us at 970-880-4841 or email us at durangobotanic@gmail.com.

The Durango Botanic Gardens include the Library Demonstration Garden (shown below in panorama), The Crevice Gardens Along the Trail, and the Arboretum Along the Trail. New to the gardens with expected completion in late 2019 or early 2020 are The Arboreta which includes the Gabbro Miniature Conifer Garden, the Miniature Tree Garden, and the Arboretum (large tree specimans), and the Arboretum Along the Trail (a mix of transition trees). The new gardens were designed by Lisa Bourey of Lisa Bourey Horticultural Designs. Erik Lewis of Canyon Landscape, LLC is our contractor and hardscaper. Our gardens will continue to evolve as we experiment with and study a variety of species. The new Arboreta offer the public the opportunity to watch the process of garden design, construction, and selection of plantings. The Arboreta also reflects plant and tree selection based on fire mitigation and drought tolerance.

Tours of our gardens are generally offered beginning around 9am on Saturday mornings from May through September. Special, group tours are available. On any given Saturday morning from May through September you will find perhaps a dozen or so Durango Botanical Society volunteers weeding, spading, planting, watering, etc.  Included amongst the group will be a friendly, knowledgeable docent-on-duty eager to share with you our garden selections, our history, and our plans for the future.

Our gardens are designed, developed, and maintained by Durango Botanic Garden members for the purposes of education and demonstration. The gardens evolve as testing and studies are concluded. Some plants and trees thrive here and others do not. We are dedicated to sharing this information with the public so that they can choose plants and trees that are proven winners in our harsh and unusual climate. Accordingly, you may see some plants not listed in our literature or maybe a listed plant can't be found. That could be because the plant or tree was still being studied and not quite ready for public sale or that the plant is just not optimum for our growing zone or microclimate.

The Library Demonstration Garden includes a rock garden with creative rock work and boulder placement. This garden was awarded the distinction and listing as one of "11 Rock Gardens Across Colorado" in a National Association of Rock Gardens Society publication.  The centerpiece of our rock garden program is the Crevice Gardens Along the Trail constructed in 2016. This garden represents trends in rock gardening utilizing the kind of plants that thrive in the often difficult terrain of rock gardens.  

For more on each of our gardens click on the drop-downs of the Our Gardens tab.

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