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Nancy Peake, Sari Ross Honored with Bookcase Stone, Tree Dedications

01 Jul 2019 2:40 PM | William LeMaire (Administrator)

Bayard Peake has purchased a bookcase stone for his wife, Nancy, to commemorate the couples’ fifty years of marriage. Nancy, a longtime supporter of the library, is currently a member of the board of the Friends of the Library and is former president of that organization. Many of the couple’s extended family were present for the informal dedication of the stone. Nancy’s name is inscribed on the bookcase stone and displayed on one of the steel shelves holding bookcase stones in the Demonstration Garden. 

In another personal tribute, Richard Ballantine, chairman of the board of Ballantine Communications, has purchased a tree, a Star Magnolia, in the new Arboretum to the north of the library, as a memorial for Sari Goodman Ross, who passed away in 2015 at age 86. Among those attending the tree dedication were Mr. Ballantine, Reid Ross, Sari’s husband of 65 years, Sandy Irwin, director of the library, John Anderson, president of DBS, and Camilla Potter and Theresa Anderson, DBS board members.

Sari was a longtime educator and was popularly known, especially by children in Durango, for her “Sari Tales,” enhanced by puppets, costumes, and books. Ballantine remarked: "With her animated and sometimes costumed story telling, her young and old listeners couldn't help but expand their imaginations, to their joy.  Sari's creativity rubbed off on those around her, sending listeners into worlds far away." The tree is now accompanied by a plaque dedicated to Mrs. Ross, which reads: In Memory of Sari Ross, a “Magical Storyteller”.

Below, left, Bayard and Nancy Peake; below, right, Reid Ross (seated), L-R, John Anderson, president of DBS, Sandy Irwin, director, Durango Public Library, and Richard Ballantine, chairman of Ballantine Communications. Click on photos to enlarge.


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