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Mountain Thyme Herb Society

A number of members of the Durango Botanic Gardens (DBG) also participate in the Mountain Thyme Herb Society (MTHS). MTHS was formed in 2016 by Camilla Potter who, previously belonging to a similar organization in Ohio, hoped to transplant her enthusiasm for herb growing and use to Durango. Already a member of the DBG, she began recruiting other members to form a group that would explore the growing and use of herbs especially for the Durango climate and microclimates. As such, members have become a considerable resource for growing herbs in our region.

The group was further aided in a decision by DBG to set aside a portion of the Durango Botanic Gardens for the new society, an area just east and north of the trail as it extends up to the library. This location is now home to a functioning, six-foot-diameter sundial with each hourly segment hosting a different variety of thyme. Among the sundial's 12 thyme varieties are Creeping Lemon Thyme, Purple Carpet Thyme, Thymus Minus, Orange Spice Thyme, Wooley Thyme, Silver Thyme, English Thyme, Red Creeping Thyme, Lavender Thyme, Rose Petal Thyme, Nutmeg Thyme, and Lemon Carpet Thyme. Each of these varieties was especially chosen for their hardiness and adaptability to Durango’s challenging growing climate. MTHS has donated the sundial to DBS but will maintain it.

MTHS may pursue other herb planting projects at Durango Botanic Gardens as funds permit. MTHS meets monthly and conducts field trips to other gardens, shares recipes and growing tips, and produces occasional seminars focused on the use of herbs. For further information on MTHS and how to join, contact mountainthymehs@gmail.com. Or, call 740-334-2397.

  At left, planting the sundial with twelve varieties of thyme. Below, the                  completed planting surrounds the working sundial. Visit the thyme-keeping          sundial on the north side of the library and trail.



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