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Our Library Bookcase

Next time you're in the Durango Public Library to check out a book, don't forget to check out our bookcase close to the front desk in the outer hall.  DBG Board Member, Kathy Ballew, and Madeline Marquardt, DBG docent and volunteer, have made some important changes to the case to make it more current.  

In an effort to better engage parents and children, the case now features a scavenger hunt.  The questions in a box on the bottom shelf allow the children to explore their surroundings, both inside and outside the library. A winter and summer version of the hunt recognizes there are different things to see at different times of the year. Each participant will receive a seed packet to plant. The packet is a wildflower mix that is selected to be drought resistant and will work for elevations from 4000 to 8000 feet. The idea behind this addition is for the children to get some exercise, to learn something new about the library and gardens, and to encourage them to become a gardener by planting their prize.

You may very well be surprised at how much useful, practical information you can find there! And, as long as you're checking out information, please consider placing a donation in that beautifully carved donation box, courtesy of Dave Potter. Watch this bookcase as it changes periodically with new features and new information.


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