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Diervilla Kodiak Orange,Diervilla rivularis

A spring flowering shrub with lush green foliage in the summer that lights up the fall with glowing orange. Proven Winner© plant of the year 2021. Adaptable to moist soils, long-blooming yellow flowers attract pollinators and is deer resistant. Will even flourish in dry shade.

“Happy Face” Dwarf  Yellow Potentilla, Potentilla fruticosa

Native to North America. Big, bright and nonstop blooming this potentilla is small enough to be grown in a pot.  Once established tolerates poor soil and dry conditions and is deer resistant. Available in white and pink.

Gaura “Windflower,”Gaura lindheimeri

A low-maintenance perennial with many varieties that greet you in mid-spring to fall with a cloud of delicate white-to pink flowers dangling from long stems.  Pollinators love it but plant is pest and disease free. Tolerates some shade but likes full sun. 2’-3’ tall but deer and rabbits stay clear.


Laced up Elderberry, Sambucus Nigra ‘SNF1292’

This amazing narrow, upright variety needs only a few feet of ground yet reaches 6’-10’ tall.  Dark feathery maroon foliage provides elegance throughout the growing season. Early summer brings pink flower clusters but if you want berries be sure to plant a different variety (Black Lace, Black Beauty, Instant Karma).  A Proven Winner© (2018) it is winter hardy, deer resistant and attracts pollinators.

My Monet ‘Sunset’ Weigela, Weigela florida

Small but big in its spring-to-frost appeal.  The mounded shrub reaches 12”-18” with branches of variegates leaves.  Pink flowers emerge in spring amidst green foliage that shifts to shades of pink, cream and green.  A slow grower with weekly water needs when planted in sun-to- part-sun conditions.  Deer resistant.  Can be planted in a pot. It is also available as ‘Purple Effect’ and the original My Monet.

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The Durango Botanic Gardens are physically located at the Durango Public Library, to the north and east of the library.  The library is located at 1900 E. 3rd Ave., Durango.

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